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Developing a routine to be a better poker player

Poker is an ever-evolving game and whatever level you consider yourself to be at, you must always try to be motivated and dedicated towards learning and developing your skills further

In our day-to-day life, more often than not, complacency and lack of motivation creeps in at some point. To tackle this inevitability, we must construct, maintain & follow a routine to always be ahead of the curve.

Here are some fundamental habits which you must incorporate into your daily routine

A. Review your hand history daily

“What went wrong”,
“How Could I have played this better?”,
“Did I make the right play in that spot?”.
These are questions all poker players ask themselves albeit to varying degrees

All results in poker are quantifiable and absolute. You must gauge your performance every day to keep yourself abreast of your own weaknesses and strengths. Failing to do so will result in stagnation and lack of growth

PBCI Pro Tip – We advise our players to post a minimum of 5 hands daily on the Discord Study group and discuss it

B. Use Poker tools to assess your game

Solvers and Equity calculators are programs that produce Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Solutions and give you a realistic picture of where you stand in the hand. Online poker sites often forbid the use of solvers in play, but allow them as a learning tool.

Any poker hand can be broken down in two ways:- Subjective & Objective.

The subjective breakdown of a poker hand is almost always inaccurate and often biased. Moreover, there is a lot of guessing involved when you are trying to study a poker hand subjectively.

An objective approach however ensures consistency in analysis. Solvers are able to simulate millions of permutations and provide us with an objective analysis.

There are many tools available out there like PioSOLVER, GTO Range Builder & HRC etc. You could try them first, and choose one which best suits you.
The implied point here is that once you start analysing your hands on a solver regularly, you will learn to make the optimal play more often.

PBCI Pro Tip – Download Equilab tool for Holdem (Cash + MTTs). This is a freely available tool and one of the best tools to start off your poker study with.

C. Youtube and Twitch – ‘a treasure trove’

There are a number of high-quality streamers on Youtube, as well as Twitch. Set aside a fixed amount of time daily to watch any of these videos or streams. Be it video tutorials or streams, there is a lot of information to be absorbed through these channels. No pun intended!

Make sure you watch actively, writing down points of interest if you feel the need to. This ensures you absorb the information efficiently.

PBCI Pro Tip – Follow the PBCI Youtube Channel for Stream content, study content, regular tips and tricks how to approach poker!

D. Exercise!

Poker is a taxing activity on the mind as well as the body. You have to sit at one place for long periods of time each session.

Fatigue is inevitable and will hinder your performance on the poker table in more ways than you think. Keep yourself fit to delay the point at which fatigue starts creeping in. This will give you an edge over your opponents, as the players who lose focus first are more prone to making mistakes and thus easier to be taken advantage of.

It might seem trivial, but working out and following a healthy diet are key elements to being a successful poker player.

PBCI Pro Tip – Start doing 10 pushups every 1 -2 hours while playing. You get a 5 minute break in between MTTs every hour. Learn to maximize your break

E. Meditate

Take some time out of your everyday grind to rest your mind. Meditate, reflect on your goals and ambitions. In your poker journey, there will be times which test your mental strength. These could be anything from major downswings to heartbreaking bad beats. Fundamentally speaking, poker is a game that tests your mental strength, patience & ability to focus.

Meditating regularly for a few minutes will help you gain that strength and mindfulness that is often missing in most Poker Players. The benefits of meditating are obviously not limited just to Poker. You will soon observe a change after incorporating mediation into your daily routine. Bad beats won’t affect you as much they used to. Downswings will just be a part of your journey. Moreover, practising mindfulness daily is a great way to prepare yourself for the poker grind you are about to embark on.

To get help or guidance do have a look at Primed Mind by one the top Mindset coach Elliot Roe. Primed Mind is the #1 tool today used by many Poker player across the world to cope with anxiety, stress, downswings, mental blocks, motivation, growth, confidence and more emotional aspects as you may face on the table or off the table

F. Practice, Practice, Practice

You can read, learn and expand your knowledge all you want. You can be highly knowledgeable in the theories of poker, optimal play, bankroll management. But in the end, it means nothing if you don’t practice what you’ve learnt.

Remember after analysis and study comes implementation. If you don’t implement what you’ve learnt regularly, the knowledge you gain from studying is worthless. We often refer to the number of hands played as ‘volume’. So get in there and put in as much volume as you can while applying all the knowledge you’ve gained from your daily studies thanks to your daily routine.

PBCI Pro Tip – Join the PBCI Discord Study Community! , where we discuss hands, host sessions, and finally Practice Practice and practice!